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A simple formula for a Happy life

Never try to DEFEAT anyone

Try to WIN everyone


Dont laugh AT them


Laugh WITH them

A true friend sees
The first tear
Catches the second
And stops the third

I like 3 friends, Sun – Moon – & You.

Sun : For the day time.

Moon : For the night time.

You : For the lifetime

I Cried When I Failed In 2 Subjects
I Cried When I Failed In 2 Subjects,
But I Smiled When I Came To Know My Friend Failed In 4 Subjects....

Dats Friendship
Promises & Friends
Are like snowballs
It's easy to make them
But it's too difficult to keep them
Parents always teach their kids not to talk to strangers
But the truth is that,
all our good friends were ones strangers for us

Good Friends Care for each Other
Close Friends Understand each Other
& TRUE Friends Stay forever
beyond words....beyond time
Frndship card
1.sweet name for me=
2.colour for me= nature= for me=
5.advice for me= for me=
7.word about me=
8.I am ur=

Reply Must
Hello Friendship! U Are
Such A Magical And Trustworthy
Ship By Which We Can Make
A Voyages Through All Sentimental
And Philosophical
Geography Of Our Life....
Happiness requires two things:
A friend to laugh with;
And a friend to laugh at!
Thanks for being one of them!


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