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"If Money Ever Grew On Trees
Girl's Would'nt Mind Dating With Monkeys"
I love everybody....

Some I love to be around,
Some I love to avoid,
others I would love to punch in the face....
Open with Love....
If I disturb U
I am Sorry....
But I need
To Say
Disturbing you....

A recently fired
stock trader said....

"This is worse than divorce....
I have lost everything
I still have my wife...."
Ultimate insult....

I Iove your smile because.....
My favorite colour is "YELLOW"....
Love Happens Automatically
Manual Working Of It

Is Called Flirting....
I don’t understand banks.

Why do they attach chains to their pens.

If I'm trusting u with my money, u should trust me with ur pens....

A cigarette shortens your life by 2 min,
a beer shortens your life by 4 minutes,
a working day shortens your life by 8 hours....or sometimes more than that........
You want to come in my life,
the door is open.
You want to get out of my life,
the door is open.

Just one request....
Don't stand at the door,
you're blocking the traffic....
What is a girl friend?

Addition of problems,
subtraction of money,
multiplication of enemies
division of friends.


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