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Care doesn’t need powerful Eyes or a
Cute voice or a Lovely face....
It always needs a beautiful,
Responsible heart with affection forever....

I care for you

Good Night
Be strong in your decision
Either it will give you success or failure
But it will teach you a lesson
whether to do or not in future

Good Night
Success is just like a beautiful lover
it will leave us at any time,
failure is like a mother it will teach
us some important lessons of life....

Good Night

Have a "Salty Dreams"

Bcoz You are already Sweet....

Why do we close our eyes
when we pray, cry, kiss, dream ?

Because the most beautiful things in life
are not seen
felt only by heart....

Good Night
Night Is A Theater,
Dream Is A Movie....
God Is The Director,
Nature Is The Producer
U R The Hero,
Enjoy The Night With Sweet Dreams.

Dream touches your heart and soul.
It is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality.
Hope you’ll have the sweetest dream tonight....

Good Night
Don’t be afraid of the space
Your dreams and reality.
If you can Dream it,
you can make it so....

Good Night

शुभ प्रभात

Hi My name is night.
I came here to kidnap ur stress kill ur strain.
My weapon is sleep.
My path is dream.
So plz kindly co operate handover them....
I wish that God would hold u tite.
I hope that angels will
keep u in site.
Now just2make sure u feel all rite,
I'm gonna wish u a wonderful nite!
sleep tight!!


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