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If Ur Heart Is A Nice Garden
I Dont Want To Be A Rose In It
I Want To Be Grass In It Bcaz
Rose Need Small Area
But I Need Total Area In Ur Heart..
When Someone Says "I Hate U!!!"
Feel Happy....
One Can Hate U
If U Are Loved By Him
Remember ! ! ! !
Hate Is Never Without Love....!!!! 
Temporary love
- Sweety, Darling, Baby, Shona

Permanent love...
- Saale, Kutte, Kamine
Trust is like a paper....
once crumbled,
cannot be perfect again....
Hugs were invented 
to let people know that 
you love them 
without saying anything.
True love is
when a Boy ask
girl for a kiss
Girl simply close her eyes and
allow the boy
for a kiss
the boy kisses
on the forehead and says I have
a whole life to Do that..
A sad mother was sitting
with her son,
Son: You are the 2nd most
beautiful woman I have ever
Mother: Who's the 1st?
Son: It's also you but when you smile,
If you will love someone
more than they deserve,
expect you'll be hurt more
than you deserve...
Lives are for living.....I live for you
Dreams are for dreaming.....I dream for you
Hearts are for beating.....Mine beats for you
Angels are for much can I love you ??

Touch my heart & u’ll feel,
Listen to my heart & u’ll hear,
Look into my heart & u’ll see,
That u’ll always be a special part of me....


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