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This is a moon which learns from you,
That is a sun which respects you,
There are stars which shine for you,
And here… 
It’s me who live for you....
I still love you.
I still miss you.
I still need you.
I still dream of you.
I still care for you.
I just wish I could tell you.
I want to be yours
Not for a day,
Not for a year,
For a lifetime
I love you madly
My Heart Misses A Beat
Watching You Sleep
Our Corny Slippers
Monogrammed His And Her
By The Bed Blue For Me
Pink For You
Take my eyes but let me see U.
Take my mind but let me Think about U.
But don't try to take my Heart coz its already with U....

Never give yourself a chance that you wish 
to confess your love to someone.. 
Say it now instead, 
before they are long gone....
A person who loves you truly,
will never make you feel that
how much you have hurt him
Respect one sided lovers,
their love is selfless,
they love you without getting loved back....
Cute relationship is....
when someone is angry with you
and says  "I will never talk to you"
And later comes back to
you to just inform you "I am still angry"
Can u guess the Perfect reason
why Seesaw was made for two persons ?

So that when U go down, there
would always be someone special
to lift U up again....
Sometimes Love Is For
A Moment & Sometimes Love
Is For Lifetime But,
Sometimes A Moment With
The One You Love, Is Enough
To Spend Your Lifetime


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