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I think U r very careless....
U come & leave things behind....
See now what u have left....
U just came in my mind & left a smile on my face....
Love is like war....
Easy to begin
but hard to end.
To love someone is Nothing....
To be loved by someone is Something....
To be loved by someone U love is Exciting....
To be loved by God is Everything....

You May Be A Little Little
Something In This Big Big
World But You Are A Big
Big Something In My Little
Little World....
I Love You....
Silence Between Two
Unknown Person Makes
The Relation Grow..
Silence Between Two
Well Known People Breaks
The Relation..!
A Relationship Is Not Holding
While You Understand Each
It’s About Having Lots Of
and Still Not Leaving Each
Other’s Hands....
The best medicine for human is
Someone asked
What if it doesn’t work?
He smiled and said:
Increase the dose....
When d relation is new,
People find excuses 2 meet you

But, as it becomes old,
People find excuses 2 avoid u....
Have I Told U
My Sweetheart....
That I Am All Wrapped
In U....
My Feelings For U
Bring To Me A Joy....
I Never Knew....

I am 2 Busy Thinking About You
To Do Anything Else.
U R In My Heart And Soul,
Love Is When I Think Of U.
I Can’t Wait Another Minute.
Until Then, Know That
I Am Thinking Of U.


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