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Do you know
what is difference
between your smile and my smile?
You smile when you are happy,
I smile, when I see,you happy....
A Hug Is Like A Warm Sweater,
On A Cold Night....
It Just Makes U Feel Good....
Life Is To Express Urself,
And To Impress Others....
Keep Ur Own Style With
Ur Cute Smile....
I Kept My Heart Strong
Like Iron....
I Didnt Know That Ur
Heart Is A Magnet....
Measured By Miles,
U Are Away From Me....
Measured By Thoughts,
U Are Closer To Me....
Measured By Heartbeat,
"U Are In Me"
Come Close To Me....
Look Directly Into My Eyes....
Now Tell Me What U Can See?
Try Again And Look Deeper....
That Is Correct....

U Will Find Urself In Me....
As long as love lives in ur heart
as long as goodness resides in your soul.

No sadness can ever harm u,
Life will always be beautiful....
Love Is The Most Precious Thing In This Universe,
Seeing You Makes Me Glad,
Calling You My Heart Leaps For Joy,
You Are So Special To Me.
Everybody Says I Love You,
Is The Best Sentence In The Whole World
But I Believe That,
I Love You Too is The Best,
Because Many Gets To Hear The First One,
But Only Few Gets To Hear The Second One.
Ü r my dream in mÿ slêêp;
Ü r the vision of my eye;
Ü r the smile of my lips;
Ü r the beat of my heart;
Ü r an angel in my prayers;
Ü r the light of my life.
MY lõve! MY Life!


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