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Lovely Feelings:
A boy & his gf were standing in front of a mirror
The gf asked, “What do u see?”
The boy smiled and said, “Me and my life”
Love is as much of an object as an
obsession, everybody wants it,
everybody seeks it, but few ever achieve it,
those who do will cherish it,
be lost in it, and among all, never... never forget it.
There is no meaning of DAY without SUN,
There is no meaning of NIGHT without MOON,
There is no meaning of SEA without WATER,
There is no meaning of ME without U.
I Realized.. A very good thing

After A Very Bad Experience

"Extra ordinary care to anyone
will give you always a Blame,
Not Praise."
The Best Thing In Life
Is Having A Loving
In Your Life ....
Who Won’t Walk Away
In Your Darkest Moments ...
And Loves You
My Heart To You Is Given
Oh Dear , Do Give Yours To Me
We’ll Lock Them Up Together
And Throw Away The Key
Be talented in front of everyone
Always be a fool in-front of ur dear ones! It is a beautiful secret of love....!!
Lovely Fact:
Love every one, so that every one loves u....
But be committed to only One....
So that everyone respects u.
Sometimes Your True feelings Are
found in the Words
Which You Type....
But Never Send....!!
What Is The Meaning Of LOVE?

L – Loss
O – Of
V – Valuable
E – Energy


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