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When i spend time with you
I'm giving you a part of my life
That will never come back
So please dont make me regret it later....

Miss you
A simple "HELLO" can b so sweet....
H:How r u?
E:Everything OK
L:Like to c U
L:Love to hear U
O:Obviously I MISS U!
Delete Message?
No Wait!
I wanna say something
That’s only 4 you

I Miss you
It's better to
just quietly miss someone Rather
than letting them know and get
No response

There Are Moments In Life
When You Miss Someone So Much That
You Just Want To Pick Them From Your Dreams
Hug Them In Real....
When I Miss You,
I Listen To Music
Or Look At Pictures Of You....
Not To Remind Me Of You
But To Make Me Feel....
As If I'm With You.
It Makes Me Forget The Distance And Capture You....
Dreams are just thoughts one had during the day....
That would explain why I dream about you so much.

Miss you, sweetheart!
I miss you so much because
it's hard to forget someone
who gave you so much to remember!

I heard someone whisper your name,
but when I turned around to see who it was,
I noticed I was alone.

Then I realized,
it was my heart telling me that I miss you!
I Miss Ur Face
I Miss Ur Voice
I Miss Ur Smile
I Miss Ur Call
I Miss Ur Company
I Never Mis Ur
Honest Sweetest Friendship


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